Weddings can be expensive! Capturing the memories of such an important day can sometimes cost up to 25% of your whole budget, but need not be so.

As I mentioned on the about page, I am an experienced photographer, but right now I am a graduate student! As a result, I am not looking to break your budget, but rather, to support my family while I am finishing my theological studies. For this reason, I am happy to accept donations for giving you a professional quality product. This list breaks down about what an average donation would be, depending upon the need of the couple. If this looks a bit steep, then by all means, please make me an offer!

Hours Suggested Donation Examples What is Included
3 500 Wedding only/ Reception only 70-80 Photos + Post-production + Travel
6 900 Wedding and Reception only 120-140 Photos + Post-production + Travel
12 1500 Full Day: Bridal Preparation, Wedding, and Reception 220-250 Photos + Post-production + Travel
(Contact me for information on Video Estimates)

What Comes After the Day

On a full day’s photo shoot, I will spend 40 hours or more in the digital darkroom, touching up and perfecting the images captured on your big day. This is included in all of my work, regardless of the number of hours I am contracted for.

After that, your photos will be available on-line to purchase prints, or alternatively, you can purchase the digital rights to the photos, which I will send to you on a CD (cost: 300). If you opt for a full day package, then the photo cd is included.

I also have vendor relationships with several high quality photo book companies which you can use in order to purchase a photo book with memories from the day. I can supply you with this information if you are interested.

What next?

I aim to be professional in all of my dealings, whether a full contract rate, or for a donation only. Please get in touch with me in order to discuss how I might be able to best serve you.